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Is Melbourne More Affordable Than Sydney to Live in?


When it comes to finding an affordable city, you might think that Melbourne and Sydney are poles apart. However, as surprising as it might sound, these two cities are not so different when it comes to weather, nightlife, cost of living, cost of housing, culture, and population. The average prices are the only big difference between these two cities. Even so, the two cities have a lot in common, especially when it comes to finding a place to live that you can afford. So, if you want to live in a cheap city that isn’t too expensive and has a good quality of life, read the blog to find out which of these two cities is more affordable to live in.


Populations of Melbourne vs Sydney

Melbourne and Sydney are the two most populated cities in Australia, despite Canberra being its capital. Melbourne has a smaller population than Sydney, with 5.2 million people, whereas Sydney has a population of 5.5 million people.

The Australian government has predicted that Melbourne would exceed Sydney in population by 2030. Regardless of the numbers, both Melbourne and Sydney are huge, spreading cities with skyscrapers and various neighbourhoods, landscapes, and cultures.


Where are Melbourne and Sydney located?

Melbourne and Sydney are located on the southeast coast of Australia. Melbourne is located on the eastern end of Australia’s south coast, whereas Sydney is located on the southern end of the country’s east coast. It takes about 10 hours to drive from Sydney to Melbourne, or 12 hours if you drive along the coastline. By Australian standards, that’s quite close! they’re practically next door to each other. Australia’s east coast and south-eastern corner are well-developed and populated, so there are good roads and easy ways to get to other cities.

Both Melbourne and Sydney have international airports, so it’s easy to get to other places in Australia and around the world.


Melbourne vs Sydney Weather

Even though Melbourne and Sydney aren’t that far apart, they do have different climates. Most of the time, Sydney is a bit warmer than Melbourne. People often say that Melbourne’s weather is more like that of the UK, but it gets much hotter than the UK! It can sometimes be warmer than 40 degrees! During the summer, both Melbourne and Sydney enjoy average daytime temperatures of around 26 degrees. Sydney falls to roughly 17 degrees at night, while Melbourne lowers to about 14 degrees.

During the winter, the average daytime temperature in Sydney is around 17 degrees, while in Melbourne it is around 13 or 14 degrees. At night, the temperature drops to about 7 or 8 degrees in Sydney and about 6 degrees in Melbourne.

On average, it rains about 100 days a year in both Melbourne and Sydney, but the average amount of rain in Sydney is twice as much as in Melbourne. So, when it rains in Sydney, it usually pours like crazy!

On average, Sydney has about 100 sunny days a year, but Melbourne only has about 48 sunny days a year. Even though it rains a lot, Sydney has a lot more sun than Melbourne. Sydney has about 100 sunny days a year on average, while Melbourne only has about 48 sunny days a year. So, although it rains a lot in Melbourne, Sydney gets far more sunshine.

Even though the weather in Melbourne is hard to predict, Sydney also has some extreme weather, like thunderstorms, large hail, and sometimes flooding.


Melbourne vs Sydney Housing Costs

If you’re moving to Australia permanently and want to buy a home, you’d better have a big budget if you want to live in Sydney or Melbourne. Sydney is both one of the most expensive cities in the world and the most costly city in Australia when it comes to purchasing real estate. Canberra just passed Melbourne as the second-most expensive city for real estate.

During the pandemic, property prices in a large part of Australia went up in a way that had never happened before. People who work from home are moving to regional areas in Australia, so property prices have gone up in many places just outside the big cities. People think that the current housing boom has reached its peak, and the average price of a home in Melbourne and Sydney began to go down in early 2023. Prices are still going up in many other Australian cities, though.


Melbourne vs Sydney Nightlife and Culture

Melbourne’s nightlife, culture, and entertainment are better than Sydney’s. Melbourne is probably best known for its great city attractions, arts scene, and sports events. Melbourne is a very fashion-forward city with a lot of cool cafes and great street art. I would say that it cares more about fashion than Sydney.

Sydney also has a lot of nightlife, theatres, and arts, but the city is best known for its beautiful harbour and beaches, as well as its beautiful scenery.


Which City Is More Affordable To Live In?

When looking at the average house price in each city, it’s obvious that Sydney is much more expensive than Melbourne. However, when taking into account the income of the people living in each city, Melbourne is much more affordable than Sydney. The cost of living in Melbourne is much lower than the cost of living in Sydney. This is because the cost of living in Sydney is much higher than the cost of living in Melbourne. For example, a month’s worth of groceries in Sydney costs 28% more than the cost of groceries in Melbourne. Similarly, a month’s worth of groceries in Sydney costs 18% more than the cost of groceries in Melbourne. As you can see, the cost of living in Sydney is much higher than the cost of living in Melbourne. This means that if you want to live in a city that is affordable to live in, you should choose to live in Melbourne.


Once you know where you want to live, you can start making plans for your move. You might also save time and hire Interstate Movers instead of doing everything yourself.
We hope that this blog has given you enough information to decide whether you want to live in Sydney or Melbourne. Even though both cities are great places to live, it’s probably best to choose Melbourne if you can only afford to live in one. This is because the median income of people in Melbourne is much higher than the median income of people in Sydney. This means that if you live in Melbourne, you will have enough money to live in comfort. But if you live in Sydney, you might not be able to live comfortably without a second job.

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