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Moving Tips, Moving Checklist, Cost for Moving Brisbane to Melbourne – 2022


If you need to move from Brisbane to Melbourne for work, family, retirement, or other reasons, moving your things should be one of the first things on your list. Even though the idea of moving might scare you, don’t worry about how you’ll get your personal belongings to your new home or business. Professional Interstate Removalists provide services to help you move all your belongings without delays, damage, or extra costs.

To make sure you can move all your things from Brisbane to Melbourne without any problems, you need to start planning early. Even though many people don’t start early because they think other things are more important, getting all of your things ready for moving day does take time and work on your part. Rushing through the process will only make you nervous and lead to mistakes that could have been avoided. If you need more help before the move, Interstate Movers can help you sort, pack, and put away your things so that they are ready to go on the day of the move.

We made this blog to help you get ready for the day of the move. It has tips on how to move, how much it will cost, and a list of things you should do. This blog post is by no means a complete list of all needs. If you need more help, please get in touch with our friendly team. They will gladly provide the advice you require.

Moving advice


Consult with and obtain quotes

Get quotes for any good or service you want to charge. Do your research and talk to people you know who have moved interstate. Talk to them about their experiences and the professional Interstate Removalists they used. Listen to their advice and try to avoid making the same mistakes they did. When you talk to different Interstate Movers, make sure you ask all of your questions and compare services that are the same.

Get Insurance

It is a good idea to get insurance to protect your belongings while they are being transported to Brisbane. We can help you get the right and enough insurance coverage for your needs. We work with reputable insurance companies to give our customers good insurance products at affordable prices.

Plan Your Transport

You shouldn’t forget to set up transportation for yourself, your family, your pets, and/or your friends or coworkers. If you are moving from Brisbane to Melbourne, which is in a different state, you might want to take a plane. You might need to go up and down a few times to finish your move. Make sure you book the right transportation so that everyone can get where they need to go quickly and in comfort.

Storage for a short time?

If something goes wrong with your move plans, we can help you store your things in a safe place until you can move. We know that things can change and that you might have to move into a temporary place because you can’t move into your new place on time. So that your things don’t get left behind in Melbourne, we can move them to a safe place to store them while you change your plans.



Before you make any decisions about your move, you should plan. This means doing research, talking to family members or coworkers, and telling professional interstate movers what you want to do. You’ll need to figure out when you want to move, what you want to move, and how you’ll move things. We can help you with all three of these things and give you options to help it fit your needs and requirements.

Your move will be made easier by the features on the list below.

⦿ We can assist you to make a list of everything you own so you know exactly what has to be moved.

⦿ Everything will be moved with your help because we have the necessary tools.

⦿ We can give you all the packing materials you need to safely pack your belongings.

⦿ To help you move at a time that works for you, we can hire removalists.

⦿ We can assist you to transfer your belongings gradually so you may settle into your new home without feeling rushed (since we know that unpacking takes time!).

List Everything You’re Taking, and Pack Sensibly

When moving from Brisbane to Melbourne, it is very important to keep an inventory of all your belongings. Whether you’re relocating your house or place of business, you may rest easier knowing you’ve got everything thanks to a detailed inventory. You may believe you have a complete inventory of your possessions and can recall exactly where you put each one. The unpacking procedure will be slowed, though, because you will forget about some of the items and waste time searching for them. Allowing us to carry out this duty can relieve you of a potential source of stress while you adjust to your new home. For your convenience, we have staff that has been trained to carefully handle your goods, adhere to your deadlines, avoid damaging your valuables, and safely carry them.

Pack ahead of time

Do not forget how long it takes to pack. Once you know when you’ll be moving, make sure you spend a couple of weeks before the move packing your things. There will be a lot to pack, and there’s no point in trying to do it quickly. When you pack quickly, you will lose things and have a harder time finding them later.

Here are some packing tips to help you:

⦿ Label your boxes or crates so you can remember where you put your things.

⦿ If you had things in a drawer or cabinet, make sure to put them in a separate box so they don’t get mixed up.

⦿ Put things that are alike in the same box.

⦿ Make sure you carefully wrap things so they don’t get broken in the mail.

⦿ Don’t cram things into the box or crate, or the box or crate might break or the things inside might get damaged.

⦿ Secure your boxes with tape and other means so nothing falls out or anything from outside can get in.



Average Price

The average cost per cubic meter to relocate your possessions from Brisbane to Melbourne ranges between $130 and $170. The cost will also go up if you want to move large items that need special equipment and vehicles. We will charge separately for any extra services we offer.

Extra charges

During your move interstate, you might have to pay extra money. These costs could happen if you haven’t planned your move well (i.e., you forgot to move a bulky item or you are required by law to have an item quarantined). At Cheap Interstate Movers, we try to keep extra costs to a minimum by making sure we use the right tools, resources, and vehicles for your move.

How Can I Keep Prices Low?

Here are some ways to keep the costs of interstate moving down:

⦿ Don’t forget to make a list of all your things.

⦿ Tell the professional movers the truth so they can bring all the right tools

⦿ Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to pack because being late will cost you.

⦿ Don’t forget to pack carefully so that goods don’t get damaged on the way.

⦿ Ensure you supervise your removalists to prevent surprises.

⦿ Make sure everything you sent has arrived safely.

Don’t be scared by the thought of moving out of state. Hire a professional interstate moving company that offers a complete package. At Cheap Interstate Movers, we know how important it is to move from Brisbane to Melbourne in a safe, timely, and complete way. With reliable trucks, lots of equipment, trained staff, and years of experience, we can help you worry less about interstate removal so you can focus on more important things. Call us on 0474972182 or request a quote online.

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